Hello and thank you for visiting the Newton Fork Ranch blog.  Our intention is to reach out to those who enjoy travel, majestic mountains, long walks, great books in front of a roaring fire, fine wine, even finer friends, and, oh yes, did we mention travel?  Okay, so our first love is Newton Fork Ranch.  It is here that we offer six real log cabins plus an historic 1912 ranch house for nightly or weekly year-round rentals in the beautiful and pristine Black Hills of South Dakota.

But… true confession: we are gypsies at heart!  This is what makes a stay at our ranch so special.  We have traveled the world and know from experience there is a distinction between sleeping under a rug on a roof-top in Greece and sipping a glass of champagne canal-side at the Gritti Palace during Carnevale di Venezia.  Each experience is magical and adventurous, yet one is infinitely more comfortable than the other.  So at the ranch, we encourage our guests to discover an intriguing corner of the planet and also to enjoy a quiet, serene place complete with a comfortable warm bed.  We promise, our rugs are only floor covering.

But here is the true cornerstone of our belief: each person’s trek to foreign locales is always, and ultimately, a self-journey in search of enchantment.  So we look forward to meeting like-minded people here, in the Hills, or on the road!  Safe travels!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Julia says:

    Are your images copyrighted? I’d love to use some of them!

    • Hi Julia! No, my images are not copyrighted. You are welcome to use them. Perhaps you could note that you obtained them from NewtonForkRanchBlog.com though. That would be most appreciated. 😉

  2. Looking at your fantastic photos of Scotland, hoping I can use one on my blog quoting back to this?

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